All Parts & Consumables

Maintenance Contract:

With this maintenance contract, you are headache free from your entire fleet.  With budget is set either monthly or yearly that let you have full control of spending or cost of maintenance, repair.  The risk is ours and you can use your full time to deal or serve your customers need and we are serving you.  Call us today for quote.


To cover an individual unit or entire fleet, this product exists to remove most of the hassle running a fleet whilst at the same time controlling cost and fixing your maintenance budget by taking all risk from your business.

The Benefits:

  • Full R&M Accurate Budgeting & Fixed Costs
  • Better Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reduction in the Administration Burden
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance
  • Future Discount On New Unit Purchase
  • Gives You More Time To Serve Your Customers

One monthly set fee covers you for:

  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Repair
  • 24 hr Emergency Call Out
  • All Parts & Consumables
  • Automated Service Scheduling
  • All Administration
  • QRS’s Call Center (Staffed 24/7/365)