Trailer Units:
zanotti diesel units

Zanotti widens its range of diesel units with the new TFZ 620. The new unit is able to develop power and performance in order to refrigerate trailers up to 60 ft lenght in a uniform and constant way. Once more, Zanotti's research and technology have addressed market requirements for perishable goods.

- With a very high capacity the TFZ620 has been designed for long trailer and low temperature
- Unbelievable air flow of 3500 cfm
- Air throw of 60 ft
- Access to the evaporator fan and expansion valve from the front

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Model: Btu/h:

Gas lb.
TFZ620 62760 31100 60 3530 R404A 1920

TFZ Trailer Unit

Diesel Operation:

The Diesel engine is driving the compressor through a centrifugal clutch which is directly coupled, at the same time is driving through Poly-V belt the generator which is powering the AC fans.

The engine is running at 2 different speeds:
2200 rpm when maximum capacity is requested
1412 rpm to maintaining the temperature

The 2 steps speed change is automatic according to cool demand.


The electric motor is powered by 230/3/60. It drives the open compressor through a Poly-V belt. The fans in stand-by operation are powered directly by the 20/3/60.

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